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Maze to Eden is Patrick Buzo's artisitic home. I'm Patrick, hi how are you, thanks for being here. I looked for a long a long time for a place where I could be my truest self, in all it's forms. I love being a sideman, I have no problem conforming to another artist's vision and delivering a great performance. But there was always something missing, because I could only be parts of myself and not the whole.


With Maze to Eden I can be whoever I feel like being. I'm a composer, a bandleader, an arranger, a visual artist, website designer, booker, mixing engineer, IT guy, video editor, philosopher, journalist and so much more. Being an artist is exciting and I hope that I can take smart intelligent people like you with me on this journey. I mainly create music and videos. My music changes stylistically from time to time but there's always some Rock and Metal, a bit Classical and Soundtrack and maybe even Jazz to find somewhere in my music.


I like discussing ideas and I really have no off limits. As you can tell by checking out the lyrics to my songs, I like difficult subject matters. Currently I'm investing a lot in the art of telling stories, because I'm not yet very good at it. I'm documenting all I do as an artist on YouTube and on this page. If you become a site member you get exclusive access to so much behind the scenes footage and info, you'll be impressed by how much an artist has to do to get some creative output.


Thank you for being here, hope you enjoy your stay.


Patrick Buzo

Patrick Buzo

Maze to Eden has worked with many different musicians. Here you'll find some info on the people that made much of the music by Maze to Eden possible.

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